Operational Excellence
What do we mean by “operational excellence?”
It might seem simple, but it’s about so much more than simply being good at what we do …

At Texas Molecular, operational excellence isn’t just a feature of our organization, it defines it—from our executive leadership and management teams, to our on-site personnel, facilities, and equipment.

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  • Efficient and convenient 24-hour service scheduling available, with six unloading pads
  • State-of-the art digital control system offers safe management of tank loading, unloading, filtration, injection, and thermal oxidizer
  • Dedicated crew members maintain coatings in tank farms, as well as perform painting and general housekeeping services
  • Tanks are designed for one atmosphere of pressure for ease of vapor control
  • Tanks are nitrogen blanketed for safety and vapor control
  • Tank trucks sampled with operator in supplied air, until safe to downgrade PPE
  • Tank unloading racks fitted with retractable safety cages
  • Vapors from tanks and process unit controlled by thermal oxidizer with back-up flare
  • Piping and pumps in acid area either Hastelloy 276 or FRP
  • Piping in caustic area primarily stainless steel
Everything we are and everything we do is guided by an absolute and uncompromising dedication to delivering a competitive advantage to each of our customers as we meet their individual needs.

We seek nothing less than to be the premier choice of discriminating buyers for hazardous waste disposal services.