PFAS Disposal Solution for Wastewater, Leachate, Groundwater, and Fire Fighting Water

Meeting Tomorrow’s Requirements Today

» PFAS has been found in levels of concern in Wastewater, Groundwater, Water from the use of Fire Fighting Foam, and Landfill Leachate.
» The EPA is developing regulations for discharge . PFAS is being considered for addition to Hazardous Substances under CERCLA.
» PFAS has already been and is being considered as “state hazardous” in a few states. It is uncertain how wastes with these compounds will ultimately be regulated.
» Generators of water with PFAS need solutions that are available today and sustainable for years to come.

Texas Molecular Solution for PFAS

» Meets Future Regulations Today.
» Experienced. Safely managing > 50,000,000 gallons in last 2 years of waters with PFAS
» Safe and secure. EPA 10,000 Year No Migration Petition-No discharges to surface water or ground water. Manage wastewaters with other waste organics and metals.
» Sustainable.

  • Large capacity: >100 million gallons/yr. of spare capacity.
  • No Discharges to Water.
  • Cost effective versus on-site and off-site technologies.

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